Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lavender Lake

Lavender Lake located on the Gowanus canal is a really special restaurant and a brand new spacious but comfy place. The food is exquisite and full of flavor. My two favorite appetizers are the chips and fried brussel sprouts. It's just glorious. The chips have an orange color so they look fried but it doesn't taste like that at all! It tastes like potato chips with a hint of barbecue sauce. The brussel sprouts have some spicy aioli sauce on the side and crunch in your mouth. Just smelling them makes your mouth water!!!!!! My favorite main course is the hamburger. I had some strange toppings [and all of the toppings like fried eggs and pickled onions.] The hamburger was so juicy and was literally one foot tall. But it was soooo good I could have had two [Yes I have a big appetite.] Adults are raving about the jalapeƱo cocktail [I didn't taste it, I'm only nine.] Its a good place to go and grab a beer. I could tell because 90% of the adults were at the bar.

The bar

The awesome chips

The patio at Lavender Lake

383 Carrol
Bond street
Brooklyn, New York


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