Monday, February 24, 2014


         Morgans, a vegetarian's worst nightmare. Yeah, the only thing that's on the menu is meat, meat, meat and more meat. The only thing that's not meat is the appetizers and tacos which of course have lots of meat in it. One of the appetizers I had just amazed my taste buds. It was tortilla chips with a delicious cheese dip. The actual dip had some tomatoes in it and some salad. The dip was very thick and sticky but even if it did ruin your best suit it would be worth it.
         Another delicious side dish would be the soft tacos. I preferred the soft taco with pulled pork which enhanced the taste. This also was mouth watering. The potato salad was the best potato salad I've ever had at a barbecue place. The cream was great and the aftertaste sat there in your mouth. An entrée you might want to consider is the brisket. Don't get the lean pound but the fatty pound. Yes it's two dollars extra but two dollars is definitely worth the most delicious brisket in the neighborhood (please don't judge me for that because my motto is delicious and unnutritious (I just made up that word because it deserves to be)). Another food here that will flabbergast you is the beef ribs. Imagine eating juicy tender ribs and multiply that experience by 50. I ate half of the whole platter of ribs and there were eight people. Yes it was that good. An entrée that could have used some improvement was the pork sausage. In a critics opinion there was too little variety in flavor. It was just sausage. The pork ribs were so juicy and tender that you just keep placing additional orders. You can never get enough.  I think I got the point through to you, the food was great.
         The service there is great. The waitresses and waiters would change your order without a fuss, and they always get everything that you ordered. They are friendly and have a good attitude. If you needed to find waiters or waitresses that are friendly and obliging you would definitely find them at Morgans.
         The setting is gloomy but warm. It is sort of the place where you and your friends would go grab a beer and watch the Nets play the Bobcats. The lights are dimmed so you feel like you are in a cabin in the woods. So, sort of scared that a killer bear is going to smash down the walls (because, that's basically what you expect in a cabin in the woods) but you still feel warm and fuzzy (because you would also expect that in a cabin in the woods).
          Overall Morgans is the kind of place you want to go if you like cheese dip, are cannibalistic, and if you enjoy watching football, basketball, baseball and all that, in a crowded bar. Excuse me while I feast on my ribs, steak, beef, beef tacos, brisket, brisket tacos, fatty brisket, lean brisket, beef ribs, sliders, cheese dipping and nachos while watching a football game in a crowded bar. What can I say, I love being American.
Beef Ribs!

More Ribs!
Ribs (Bottom left) and meat!
267 Flatbush ave.
NY 11217

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