Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Salt & Fat

                Salt & Fat, the two magical words in food. Salt & Fat in Queens, NY, has the most extraordinary food. They have shaved foié gràs sprinkled on top of soft mandarin oranges with bacon bits all over it. Have you ever heard of anything like it? It feels soft in your mouth and tastes like a mix of oranges and creamy melted cheese. My favorite dishes are the BLT buns, the Prince Edward Island mussels (surprise, surprise) and the Korean BBQ wraps.
                 The BLT bun is a soft white bun on the outside and slabs of bacon on the inside with tomatoes and bibb lettuce. As their chef, Dan, said they purchase giant slabs of bacon, then cut it up into medium size pieces and put it into the buns. "Its our main ingredient in the buns" quoted Dan when I spoke to him. Dan also said he was inspired by watching cooking shows taking notes and then years later combining all of it to come up with something new and extraordinary. I also adored the Prince Edward Island mussels. They were also fabulous because there was so much meat in it. At least 5 had meat bulging out of it. The inside was also very tender and was easy to pull out. Also the meat inside the mussel was very juicy. Moving on, the Korean BBQ wraps are so outstanding that you could eat a whole plate of them. The wraps consist of some pork, scallops and some tomatoes put on a flat piece of lettuce. Also this dish is very moist. Although these three wraps cost $8.00 it is completely worth it.
                 The location isn't the best. It is right under a highway and have these stores selling junk to you on both sides. Plus the streets are littered with various items I wouldn't want to talk about. But the inside is amazing. A long narrow corridor with tables on both sides also with white-washed walls. A part of the wall is made out of bricks creating a very eccentric feeling. The walls are lined with dim lights casting a very astonishing shadow across the floor. Even though it's a restaurant it still supports gun control too!A sign advertising gun control hangs from the wall and lists the number of tragedies. Elaborate painting and mosaics hang from the wall creating history.
                 The service is very prompt. Our waitress Chelsea (from Chelsea) granted me special permission to visit the chef(s). Also the manager organized the place very well. You don't even have to ask for directions to the bathroom, offices, etc.
                  Over all Salt & Fat is the restaurant with the best salty and fatty food.
BLT buns.
Foie gras dish.

Chef Dan.
The Korean BBQ wraps.

The outside scene of Salt & Fat.

                                  41-16 Queens Blvd.
                                  Sunnyside NY 11104

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