Friday, June 7, 2013


             Dough doughnuts are dough-licous. With exquisite fillings and tastes, Dough doughnuts are singled out as the best. All of these doughnuts are memorable but the best one, out of all I have tasted, is the Nutella.
             With a soft creamy inside and soft dough you can't go wrong with it. The doughnut is decent sized, about the size of the two of your fists curled up. The doughnut is Nutella glazed and has a very soft dough. When you take a bite, soft creamy and buttery Nutella fills your mouth. My second recommendation is the delectable dulchè de leché with crunchy cocoa nibs on it. This doughnut is also glazed. Like the Nutella it is very soft. Other available unique flavors are the hibiscus which is a glazed doughnut with a hibiscus flower on it, blood orange which is an orange glazed doughnut with a blood orange on it and finally just plain old glazed. I'd call this one unique because it's the only normal thing in a store full of unique doughnuts.
              The location isn't the best. It is surrounded by Projects. There is a lot of litter on the street, and the view isn't the best. Although the location isn't great the inside is cozy. It is a very small space with amber wood planks panelling the room. There is a glass window so you can see the "action" of the baking.
             Heres something you need to know about Dough, you don't come up to the counter to see what you want because when you place your order the doughnut you want will not be there, you have to take what's left, that's if there is anything left.

bottom left corner is the blood orange doughnut, and in the top right corner you will see the dulchè de leché.

Unique doughnut: Plain.

Nutella filled and glazed.

448 Lafayette Ave.
NY 11205
(347) 533-744

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