Monday, November 12, 2012

Convivium Osteria

In my opinion, Convivium Osteria is the best italian restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. In every subject from service to food Convivium Osteria has five stars. My favorite appetizer is Pulpo Asado Con Judiones De La Granja [grilled baby octopus with judiones de la granja beans]. It has a sweet taste and flavor added to it. My favorite dish is Gambas enteras a la flor de sal [Whole large pacific ocean prawns with 'flor de sal ' sea salt'.]

Dont forget the homemade desserts by the wonderful owner of Convivium Osteria, Michelle Pulixi.
The desserts are a MUST TRY.

The food does take its time to come but once you get it its like looking at God. This restaurant has a romantic dim lighting to it, something you never forget. The owners son [friend of mine] would come down and charm the guests. Their fantastic bottles of wine are amazing! According to my fellow diners, the wine has a zing to it. When you step in the door you just feel super relaxed, like you could go to sleep right there. Convivum Osteria is the best restaurant I have been to by far and is a big recommendation.

grilled baby octopus with judiones de la granja beans!
w(h)ine a bit, it will make you feel better.

giant ocean prawns


68 5th avenue
Brooklyn , New York 11217

[718] 857 1833

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Greenwood Park

Greenwood Park in greenwood has recently opened and is one of my all time favorite restaurants.
The cleanliness is not great but the service and food are beyond great. You could snap your fingers and some crunchy onion rings would appear in front of you for you to gobble up. A huge attraction for grownups would be chilly ice cold beers. Greenwood Park has a huge selection of beers. The place is huge, plenty of space for kids to run around. Behind this bar is greenwood cemetery, a very spooky looking cemetery. It does not create exactly what you call a comfy setting. The music is so loud that you could hear it five blocks away [always changing]. There are at least five football games going on. Every once in a while you would hear someone scream because of something in the bar. Greenwood Park is a big recommendation.

The Onion Rings
The Burger at Greenwood Park
Ice Cold Beer
The "Scene" at Greenwood Park

Greenwood Park details:
555 7th avenue
Brooklyn, New York
(Between 19th and 20th Street)


Pork Slope

Located in the heart of Park Slope, Pork Slope has a large variety of different meats. They have decent service - but one thing that frustrated me is that you don't get straight out service. If you want a peaceful meal Pork Slope is not an option. Pork Slope is for the "Hey lets go grab a beer and party" type. Pork Slope is kid friendly and has a separate little spot for games like billiard. The cleanliness of Pork Slope is amazing!!!!! They have old fashion golden brown floor boards. Pork Slope sets up a comfy but loud setting for anyone. In my opinion their cheeseburger has an aroma of pork streaming through it. Once you sink your teeth into it, it is so satisfying you will be willing to pay extra! Of the side dishes my favorite by far is the tater tots. It is small potatoes fried so the outside has a crunchy shell and the inside is soft. Pork Slope is a big recommendation of mine.

Pork Slope details:
Pork Slope
247 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

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