Monday, July 1, 2013


             Smorgasburg, the kingdom of taste and satisfaction is located in Williamsburg and Dumbo in Brooklyn and their new release a Smorgasburg in Philadelphia. The one in Dumbo, open only on Sunday, is placed in an old tobacco warehouse with no roof. It is facing the waterfront and has an old fashioned carousel right next to it. The old fashioned "carousel" is, surprisingly encased in a very modern glass structure. It also has a grassy field right outside the tobacco factory where people sit with their food and picnic.
            The one in Williamsburg, open only on Saturday, is also facing the waterfront and also has a field in a closed area. The closed area actually is just a gate. In both areas there is almost no seating which is a major negative with hundreds of people going in and out. Technically I can't review the one in Philadelphia so lets skip that. Smorgasburg is only open part of Spring and all of Summer. It is also open only on Saturday and Sunday.
             Smorgasburg is made out of different booths selling food. So instead of reviewing only Smorgasburg I'll be reviewing the booths. The first booth I visited was called Daal house which features (surprise, surprise) daal and Indian cuisine. Even though daal isn't my cup of tea my Indian mother wolfed it down. The next booth I visited was called Brooklyn Oyster  Party. There I got 12 oysters decent sized oysters for $16. The oysters were very slippery and sort of tasted like pure nothingness.  I passed a title that sounded very interesting; Brooklyn Piggies which featured hot dogs. Even though they looked good I did not get a chance to taste them.
             At Smorgasburg I also had teriyaki  balls with two different fillings. The first 6 balls I tasted were filled with chicken. It had a hard shell and a soft inside. It had ground nuts sprinkled on top and a little hot sauce. It was delectable. The next thing I tried were the octopus stuffed balls and it was almost the same. Hard outside soft inside served with hot sauce and nuts. But there was also one major difference. The octopus was very chewy. It was almost impossible to swallow. The last booth I visited was Dough. If you read my last review you would have seen I reviewed Dough. So I won't bother reviewing this booth when you could scroll down and read the real deal.
              There really was no service except for the booths cooks. All of the booths were relatively fast when preparing the food.
              Trust me when I am saying this when there is a booth that has a long line you might not want to wait but if you do it will be totally worth it. Smorgasburg is now in my top 3 favorite restaurants/food markets I have ever been to.


The amazing Hibiscus.

"Amazing" oysters!

East river state park (90 Kent ave. N.7 st.)
Tobacco warehouse (30 water house)
1050 North Hancock street, Philadelphia PA

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