Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dinosaur BBQ

    Dinosaur BBQ, the BBQ palace where you will almost certainly eat Dinosaur size portions. Dinosaur BBQ is a relatively new BBQ place. When you walk in it's the size of a barnyard. It looks kind of rustic and ancient. You have a giant size bar to your left and 10 dozen tables to your right. The dishes I had were the GIANT shrimp boil,  the  big ass pork plate ( that is actually what it was called), and the Devils Duel chicken wings (Devils Duel is four chili peppers). So of course naturally being Indian my mom ordered the spicy chicken wings. Normally when she eats something spicy she waves it off and calls it mild. The waiter warned my mom but she ordered it anyway. When she took a bite she looked calm and the waiter asked is it hot? My mom answered no but when the waiter walked away she was screaming HOT, HOT and fanning herself.
    The b*g a*s pork plate was relatively good. The best part about it though was the skewered pork on top another heap of pork. The meat was cooked so well I almost ordered 5 more ( but my parents stopped me). The cole slaw wasn't the best though, my dad wolfed it down. The shrimp was juicy and exciting though not that many appeared on a plate. My sister had the best slider imaginable that was mouthwatering, 1/2 a pound of almost sweet meat and bread that tasted freshly baked. I also had some ribs that were both juicy and tender. Even though the ribs were messy they were exquisite. My mom had a skirt steak that she loved and raved to me about. The dish I had on my second visit to Dino BBQ was the Tres Niños. This fabulous dish had puled pork, slices of brisket and tender ribs. The pulled pork was tender and juicy and even though there wasn't a lot of it, it was amazing. The brisket was good but, in my opinion, it wasn't great.
     The dessert (chocolate icebox pie) I had was absolutely incredible. It was chocolate pie with Oreo crust topped off with whipped cream and chocolate chips. The pie was basically chocolate pudding hardened and a little bit thicker with a crust of crunchy Oreo and what looked like homemade whipped cream and chocolate chips.
     The staff are very flexible and very polite and will change your order if necessary. The food, the staff, and the restaurant itself make Dinosaur BBQ a whooping 10 out of 10 stars and a "must go to" restaurant.
Locations of Dinosaur BBQ in New York Sate.

The juicy and salivating ribs
BABE! (Best Awesome Burger Ever!)
604 Union st.
Ny 11215


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