Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fort Defiance

             Fort Defiance, the restaurant that defies bad taste. Fort Defiance located in Red Hook is the ideal place to go for brunch. It is on a block with plenty of stores on it. So if you are on a shopping spree for clothes and you have to eat Fort Defiance is the right place to go. On its right is a clothing store and on its left an apartment building. There are little trees right outside which make it feel very green. When you walk into Fort Defiance you see a bartender serving drinks at a rouge bar. There are tables in a three by five array. There is also to small tables for 2-3 people at the back. When you walk in, surprisingly loud heavy metal music fills your ears which makes it almost impossible to have a conversation.
The delectable Dutch pancake.
             The Dutch pancake which is the dish I had, was seriously big. It is literally as thick as a dictionary and as big as my head. And, I have a big head! It was served in an iron skillet and had powdered sugar, creme fraiche, fruit (raspberries. blueberries, and strawberries), and maple syrup. It is served with the crunchiest bacon I have ever tasted. The pancake tastes like vanilla cake without the frosting and the toppings topped off with the slightest hint of maple syrup. Over all the Dutch pancake is a five out of five starred dish and has certainly earned its place as one of my favorite dishes with its bacon, fruit and syrup. The other dishes I had were not mentioned on their website but are an egg omelet with parsley, tomatoes, and scallions. It tasted like soft egg and bread topped off with salad.
              The food takes a long time to come but when its there the wait is worth it. The staff also takes a long time to take your order but are very nice. When you want to change your order at the last second they are very flexible and will gladly change it.
The bar.

The outside view of Fort Defiance.

             Red Hook
             365 Van Brunt st.
             NY 11231
             (347) 453-6672


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