Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blue Canoe Oyster Bar & Grill

            Blue Canoe Oyster Bar & Grill, a restaurant as peaceful as a canoe ride on the North Fork (A weekend retreat for many New Yorkers in Long Island.) With an extraordinary view of the ocean Blue Canoe is a fantastic place to appease your hunger.  A good way to start the meal is with fried oysters and Korean BBQ ribs. The oysters have orange, yellow, red hues. They are so juicy that you can literally taste every molecule. Moving on, the Korean BBQ ribs taste so marvelous I could cry. Only there are a few problems; there is so little meat that you can barely taste it. And the ribs could be more tender. Plus, eating them can be a messy affair. Now the entrées: Blue Canoe Lobster roll and catfish. The Lobster roll is the best I ever had. (The roll was in a hamburger bun so I still speculate why they call it lobster "roll".) It was very juicy, it was as big as your head, and it was a fair price ($19). The catfish is nothing like you've ever tasted. A hard crisp, crust on the top and soft in the inside. Also very tender and mouth watering like the Blue Canoe Lobster roll.
            Now let me describe the scene at the Blue Canoe Oyster Bar & Grill. Facing the ocean and a little island (Shelter Island). A Blue Canoe view is truly amazing. The patio is huge and it is facing the ocean. Separate landings along the rim of the patio give a perfect view of the beautiful scenery.
            The staff is very helpful, happy to answer all the questions you ask. Although they are very helpful, they tend to talk to each other and forget the customer.
Overall, Blue Canoe Oyster Bar & Grill is the most relaxing restaurant in the North Fork that I have been to so far (and the only). 

lobster hamburger

The view of blue canoe 

104 3rd street         
Greenport, New York
(631) 477-6888


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  1. Yum, nothing better than a well-prepared lobster roll (or burger)!


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