Sunday, March 17, 2013

Prime Meats

   Prime Meats is like a teleport machine. One moment you are in America, the next you are in a fine German restaurant. Prime Meats has German hotdogs(bratwurst), sandwiches, meat, dessert and much more.
  I prefer the sandwiches. Out of them all the BLT (for non Americans, that is Bacon/Lettuce/Tomato)is the best. You must be thinking what's so special about that. Here's what's so special, the cut bacon is juicier and far more tender than normal bacon. The lettuce is also different. Instead of normal iceberg lettuce they use bibb lettuce. This lettuce tastes like a combo of different green vegetables. And then of course you have the tomato. There's nothing great about it except it's much bigger. That concludes the meal, now onto the service. The service at Prime Meats is amazing. Five to ten minutes after you order, voila you have scrumptious food ready to be eaten. The staff is also very friendly. You can ask any question and you will get an answer with a smile. The setting has only one description.


  The planks and walls look like cabin walls creating cozy comfy feeling. Amazing paintings droop from the walls like vines. There's nothing else to tell you about Prime Meats except the lavatory which I'm guessing you are not eager to know about. Prime Meats is a BIG recommendation.

The inside theme

The scene at Prime Meats

Backyard with bratwurst

The "meats"

465 Court Street
New York,NY Brooklyn 11231


  1. Dear Rasmus,
    We have to catch up with your recommendations...
    We will go every week someplace else now - starting from the Greenwood place!
    Good job! Congrats!

    1. Take me on some of your trips! And thank you for the support.


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