Friday, July 4, 2014


              Katsuei, where you "kram" all that delicious food into your mouth. This all original Japanese sushi place is not only different from your local sushi place but is considered the best sushi place in Brooklyn. Even though there aren't too many sushi places in brooklyn this one outranks the few there are. With its Japanese style setup it really makes you feel comfortable (I would advise getting reservations  because the place is packed most of the time). I have to compliment them on the bar. You can see the chefs making the sushi and rolls delicately rolling them, so it makes your stomach rumble. When you walk in they welcome you with open hands and the aura of sushi fills the air. There is a coat rack to hang your jacket up then they will notify you where your table or if there is no table available.
              Their menu is a little surprising though. I was planning to have <ahem> monkfish liver but sadly it was out of season. Instead I had something I was happy to have -- a special roll called california crab roll, shrimp tempura, and for sushi (real sushi) I had sea eel, fresh squid and sea urchin. Each of these were ridiculously good. The california crab roll was delicious but you could easily eat in one bite. There wasn't anything unusual about the shrimp tempura except it was probably the best I've ever had. It was crunchy, I mean extremely crunchy at first but then when you get through that you get to the soft awesomeness of the shrimp. Nothing can be described more satisfying than that. The sea eel was really nice and had a brownish tint. It was extremely satisfying like the fresh squid which I have to admit was absolutely great. It sort of slid down your throat so you had to enjoy as much as you could. The sea urchin was just the best. It was jelly like and inside the seaweed wrap it was just an huge explosion of flavor in your mouth. Once you taste that theres no going back. Its the same sensation as eating a chili pepper in one go (which is spicier than a jalapèno) but it doesn't feel like your tongue is going up in flames.
              The staff at Katsuei is nice but the waiter I had didn't completely understand english which was sort of confusing. But the ambience of the restaurant itself makes up for that. You can tell the staff at Katsuei put in its all for every customer and every meal.
              Katsuei is a really nice place from food to decor. I loved my experience there and so did the others around me. Thats why I think that Katsuei deserves a stunning 5.0 stars.

Shrimp Tempura.

Inside Katsuei.

Sea eel.

210 7th avenue

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